Household Filter Kit

Candle Grades
  • Sterasyl®
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  • ATC Super Sterasyl®

Supplied palletised in 100 kits per pallet for rapid deployment, the Household Filter Kit is a complete, low cost gravity drinking water filter, which is quick and easy to assemble and requires no power to operate. The kit can be quickly and easily deployed in the field by NGOs and Aid Agencies to provide a rapid solution to drinking water filtration requirements in emergency relief, refugee and infrastructure reconstruction situations. Untreated water is poured manually in to the top container and filtered healthy water is received from the tap in the lower container, with an output of up to 1 litre per candle per hour.*

*Dependant on water quality and fill rates


Kit specification

2 BPA free food grade polypropylene containers with snap on lids

Available with 2, 3 or 4 ceramic filter candles 7” long x 2” diameter with long threaded mount

1 Black Rubber Sealing Washer for each candle fitted

1 Black Plastic Wing Nut for each candle fitted

1 Plastic dispensing tap with plastic threaded nut and 2 black rubber washers