Cleanwater Static Siphon Kit

Candle Grades
  • Sterasyl®
  • Super Sterasyl®
  • ATC Super Sterasyl®

Specifically designed and successfully tested for use in the field, for humanitarian relief and emergency situations.

The Cleanwater Siphon Kit has been developed as a simple to use, low cost way of providing drinking water to those where access to a healthy water supply is an ongoing problem, such as schools, hospitals and businesses.

The kit can be used to convert almost any locally available plastic containers into a highly effective gravity water filter unit, with a flow rate of up to 10 Litres per hour, if the siphon effect is maximised.


Kit Specification

1 ceramic filter candle 7” long x 2” diameter with long threaded mount

2 Black Rubber Sealing Washers

Plastic Siphon Tube

Blue UVI heavy duty polythene food grade bag

Abrasive Cleaning Pad

Metal Hole Cutter

S Hook

The kit can also be used to effectively convert 2 plastic containers into a gravity fed water filter system.