British Berkefeld® manufacture versatile and flexible filter solutions for water security. Gravity fed filters are designed as a long-term solution, and emergency response kits for rapid deployment and humanitarian relief in the field.

Gravity water filters

Lightweight, freestanding high capacity gravity filters can be deployed quickly and in volume as the upper chamber fits into the lower chamber to save on space. Easy to install and simple to maintain when used with municipal or natural water sources where no pressurised mains water is available. Our gravity water filters are used by NGOs working in emergency situations and for humanitarian relief due to the convenience of no external plumbing or power needed.

Gravity filters are ideal for domestic water emergencies where access to clean drinking water isn’t always an option, or the tap water provided is unsuitable for drinking.

There are three main gravity filter systems, each consisting of two containers. The upper container collects the untreated water, which then filters down into the lower container through the ceramic filter candles. Each gravity filter can be fitted with one of three filter candle grades: Sterasyl®, Super Sterasyl® or ATC Super Sterasyl®.

Emergency response water filters

Emergency situations arising from conflict or natural disaster cannot be predicted, but relief contingency can be planned. Devastating catastrophes often result in poor infrastructure and compromised sanitation and inaccessible water.

British Berkefeld® combines its microfiltration technology ceramic filters with Cleanwater static and portable emergency water aid kits to provide fast-response for humanitarian aid. Cleanwater, based in the UK, was formed in 2009 from a project in East Africa called LifeWater.


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