Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of great tasting, clean drinking water, anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, more parts of the world than we care to imagine suffer from a severe lack of healthy water. An unreliable supply of drinking water is often the result of extreme landscapes, remote environments and the poor economic stability of undeveloped countries. Untreated, potentially hazardous water also affects populations exposed to natural disasters, famine, warzones and refugee camps. These catastrophes can still occur within developed countries.

British Berkefeld® ceramic water filters offer a much-needed portable and durable solution for short, medium and long term use, and are ideally suited for emergency relief and poverty stricken regimes. Gravity fed systems and Cleanwater kits take minutes to assemble and filter particles and pathogens out of almost any fresh water source, leaving healthier water to drink.

British Berkefeld® has years of experience working across a global landscape with Aid Agencies, the U.N., international distributors and water professionals. Highly adaptable water filter solutions are provided, as part of urban and rural community development programmes, to build adequate infrastructure for safe living.

Thousands of household filter kits are exported from Britain to intense hostile environments every year. Global disaster situations such as Syria, one of the largest refugee crises, make immediate humanitarian aid possible.

British Berkefeld® filtration systems are a key factor in the Millennium Development Goals to support drinking water projects. We play a united and important role in humanitarian aid across all continents, including UN-Habitat’s slum regeneration project in Kenya, Lifewater’s community projects in Haiti and Tanzania, and various campaigns in Afghanistan.

Exported to over 140 countries the British Berkefeld® product excellence is recognised by the highest international standards for BS EN ISO 9001 quality, the coveted NSF® and WRAS certificates. Water filtration systems and kits are proven to positively impact on infrastructure, education and outlook due to the improved health benefits of accessible clean drinking water to curb waterborne diseases.


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