Performance Data

British Berkefeld® water filter performance maintains high consistency to tackle water availability and harsh environment conditions, in order to support the human lives that depend on them.

Countless global communities lack basic human fundamentals that so many others now expect without question. In many circumstances, drinking water sources are also a primitive sewerage system, which causes multiple subsequent health, safety and hygiene issues.

All British Berkefeld® water filter grades remove >99.99% of pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, cholera and disease causing cysts. Effective turbidity removal to >98% is provided by the Sterosyl® ceramic and higher grades will remove >94% of chlorine and heavy metals such as toxic lead.

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Performance benefits

  • Highly effective barrier to filter of particles and pathogens for maximum protection
  • Long life and long-term value with a cleanable filter surface and easy filter replacement
  • 100% natural ceramic materials and activated carbon
  • Mineral preservation to benefit health
  • Anti-bacterial properties using proprietary silver technology to prevent bacterial growth within the ceramic
  • Multi-stage filtration features to target chlorine and heavy metals
  • Affordability requiring no mains supply, power or plumbing
  • Environmentally friendly reducing carbon footprint and manufacturing waste
  • Versatile portable outdoor gravity systems or emergency field kits

Implementing absolute filtration water solutions and the difference it makes is priceless for many remote communities and those areas affected by devastation.