Care and Maintenance

Ceramic water filters offer a cost effective and sustainable solution to making drinking water accessible. With proper care and maintenance, a British BerkefeldĀ® filter candle will last for an average of 12 months* (10,000 litres).

The outer shell of the filter cartridge is made from extremely versatile ceramic. The filter candle can be cleaned easily with a lightly abrasive pad, with no need for soap or detergent, to prolong its life.

Due to the filtration of particulate contaminates, the flow of water through the ceramic filter candle may reduce over time. Cleaning frequency will be dependent on the condition of the incoming water, and once cleaned, the flow will be restored back to its normal level.

As a guide, a candle can be cleaned 50+ times before needing to be replaced.

Candles are easy to replace when needed due to their quick-change design.

* Guide only as dependent on water quality.


Performance data