Ceramic Technology you can trust

Harnessing nature’s own way of filtering water through layers of rock, British Berkefeld®’s multi-stage filter technology uses ceramic and naturally occurring raw materials to provide an effective barrier against waterborne contaminants.

We’ve been innovating water technology since 1826 and our commitment to product reliability and consistency has achieved the BS EN ISO 9001 international quality standards, coveted NSF® and WRAS certification. Quality control audits and impartial laboratory assessment ensures high performance in all manufacturing processes.

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Enhanced anti-bacterial action

At the heart of every British Berkefeld® water filter candle is a Sterasyl® silver impregnated ceramic. The ceramic has a complex pore structure for the micro-filtration of bacteria, cysts and unwanted particles. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits microbiological growth, thus removing the need for boiling.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon combines with the Sterasyl® ceramic to form a single Super Sterasyl® filter to remove chlorine and organics and improve taste and odour.

Heavy metal reduction

Superior ATC Super Sterasyl® filtration technology harnesses an additional ion exchange to filter lead and other toxic heavy metals.

Absolute filtration

Absolute filtration (less than 1 micron) using a British Berkefeld® water filter is proven through independent testing to achieve >99.99% contaminant removal.


Care and Maintenance