Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of great tasting, clean drinking water, anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, more parts of the world than we care to imagine suffer from a severe lack of healthy water. An unreliable supply of drinking water is often the result of extreme landscapes, remote environments and the poor economic stability of undeveloped countries. Untreated, potentially hazardous water also affects populations exposed to natural disasters, famine, warzones and refugee camps. These catastrophes can still occur within developed countries.

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Ceramic Technology you can trust

Harnessing nature’s own way of filtering water through layers of rock, British Berkefeld®’s multi-stage filter technology uses ceramic and naturally occurring raw materials to provide an effective barrier against waterborne contaminants.

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Case Studies

Providing an efficient way to filter water can transform communities who are in urgent need of clean water to drink.

Hurricane Stan hit Guatemala in 2005, making 100,000 people homeless and leaving infrastructure badly damaged. Although there was plenty of surface water available, it was not safe to drink. Mudslides had blocked roads and made distribution of bottled water almost impossible, especially to isolated communities. British Berkefeld® ceramic filters were distributed, providing people with the ability to filter their own drinking water.

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British Berkefeld® manufacture versatile and flexible filter solutions for water security. Gravity fed filters are designed as a long-term solution, and emergency response kits for rapid deployment and humanitarian relief in the field.

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